Five Things: August

1. Leah Yerpe


Brooklyn-based Leah Yerpe makes hyperrealistic drawings that bend and mend the mind.  

Drawn by hand, Yerpe's series "Levitation" accurately depicts a floating body's flow from the way their limbs move to the clothing draped upon them. 

2. Stranger Things

If you happened to be living under a rock for the past few weeks, don't worry; I'm here for you. Simply watch Stranger Things, and you will then be able to interact with humans again in public because, boy, do people love talking about this TV show (as they should). 

Winona Ryder, 80s horror films, analogue synth music, monsters, really good child acting, getting a little spooked, alternate universes, If any of these items sparked the slightest wrinkle of appeal in you, then this is your show. Did I mention Winona Ryder?

Find it streaming on Netflix. You won't be disappointed! 


3. Stef Chura

Meet Stef Chura, a Detroit-based rocker that is steadily gaining traction aboard the grunge pop music train. 

Stef's female-fronted 90s alt rock flare is reminiscent of early Liz Phair, Fiona Apple, and badass ladydom, in general. Catch her on tour this month throughout the northwest US! 

4. How Did This Get Made? podcast

Do you ever watch a movie and after watching think, "How in the heck did this movie actually get enough people onboard to become a full-length film?" Well, then you'll truly enjoy How Did This Get Made?, a podcast that openly discusses the plot lines, motives, and decisions in terrible movies. Suggested episodes include Spice World, From Justin to Kelly, and Crossroads. 

5. Lee & Birch

Fellow kindreds, Lee & Birch is your new favorite West Michigan clothing boutique. 

Specializing in classic and modern women's clothing and accessories, Lee & Birch makes it easy to support small business with their online store that can ship to virtually anywhere. Bookmark them on your browser when you're feeling like treating yo' self!

that's all for this week. until next time.

shopping brightlytwisted from home:

if you'd have told us ten years ago, as we schlepped hundreds of [uncommonly pretty] pieces to a new art show every weekend, where we fashioned makeshift dressing rooms out of rolling racks and bedsheets behind our booth, where we wrote credit card numbers down and called them in later to process a payment — if you would have told us then, that we would one day develop a virtual shopping experience that brings brightlytwisted to your fingertips on a whim — well, we would have assumed that you probably watch a little too much television....

yet, despite our wonderment, the future is now.

not only have we evolved beyond the days of phone-in-payments and gypsy-traveler-summers, we're constantly striving to find new ways of making brightlytwisted more accessible than ever! 

read on for details on our developments, and order your *new* favorite brightlytwisted piece today!

1. browse our entire collection (every style in every colorway)

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.49.35 AM.png

2. select item(s) you want made uniquely for you

3. a purchase order is sent to us for the item(s)

4. a brightlytwisted rep contacts you to finalize + take payment. this is also your chance to speak with the artists directly, ask questions, and learn more about the brightlytwisted process! 

learn more about the app through our video below:

                      available soon on desktop and android!

                      available soon on desktop and android!

1. browse our online collection

2. select specific item(s) for purchase

3. order + payment processed same-day!

what a time to be alive!

Five Things: July

1. Nite Jewel

summer is officially here in all its sweaty splendor. what better way to cool off from the dog days then with some female-fronted synthpop? 

LA-based ramona gonzalez, aka nite jewel, has been making catchy yet weird, light yet thumping, and electronic yet warm beats since 2008. check out her newest release liquid cool, and discover your late night summer soundtrack. 

2. Bill Cunningham, rest in photographs

we lost a photography legend last week. bill cunningham, notorious new york times fashion photographer known for capturing the most a-list of fashionistas from his bicycle, passed away at the age of 87. 

to learn more about this gentle fella, i definitely suggest seeing the 2010 documentary bill cunningham new york.  you may be surprised to discover exactly how deeply he impacted the world of fashion journalism. 

3. Alley and Eye

if you couldn't make it to our summer blowout sale, you missed out on alley and eye, a detroit-based eyewear line that makes some of the chillest frames around. 

feeling some fomo? fear not! you can purchase their glasses online or even visit their showroom at 315 e. baltimore in detroit. reasonably priced and superbly styled. what more could you ask for?

4. Translated Vase

there's an ancient korean tradition that involves artisans destroying and discarding imperfect pieces of sculpture. artist yesookyung takes the remaining porcelain and fuses it together with gold leaf following the japanese tradition of kintsugi. the result is curvy, dramatic, and elegant in its own right. 

from the moment of destruction, I obtain a chance to intervene and fabricate new narratives with my own translation
— yesookyung

5. Elevator Operator by Courtney Barnett

our (my) favorite aussie songstress courtney barnett released a new music video for her track elevator operator. it's a playful story with special appearances by fellow rockers sleater-kinney, jeff tweedy, the drones, and many more. if you're digging on this, be sure to check out her full-length sometimes i sit and think and sometimes i just sit. you will not be disappointed. 


that's all for this week. until next time.